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What are Audits?

Audits are a systematic examination to determine if activities and results conform to plans, safety, standards, policies and procedures and if they are implemented effectively.
Audits are used for many different requirements and purposes ranging from safety audits, workplace aduits, security audits, project and property audits. Some audits can be log whilst others short or broken up into sections.
Audits are typically a inspection of an organization or sites processes in one of the areas mentioned and can be conducted either internally or externally by operational staff, consultants or management.

Safety Audits

Safety auditing software to streamline your audits

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Site Inspections

Complete site inspections quickly, safety inspections and property inspections.

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Check lists

Safety audit check lists, pre-start check list, induction through to build your own!

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Artificial Intelligence

On demand answers on the data you collect using our Artificial Intelligence.

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