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Job Safety Analysis
What is a job safety analysis?

So, what is Job Safety Analysis and what does it mean to you? You may be wondering if it is the same as Job Hazard Analysis, Job Hazard Breakdown or even Activity Hazard Analysis, to put it simply yes, it is. However, the terminology used does differ a bit so for the purposes of this article and to make it easier I'm just going to refer to it as a job safety analysis or JSA. Job Safety Analysis is a system designed to be used to ensure a safer workplace. In implementing it the user is better able to identify hazards and therefore control potential risks associated with a job or task. It differs from hazard reporting and identification in that it is in an active assessment as opposed to other forms which only take into account the unchanging factors such as machines or appropriate storage of chemicals.

A JSA creates a step by step process breakdown of a task. In doing so these hazards are identified and then worked on to make the task safer.

The first step (after deciding on the task/s for assessment) is to gather a team of qualified people in order to observe and assess the task, (including at least one to perform the task, of course). These people should be familiar with the task under assessment.

Next it is important to remember that the team are not there to critique the person doing the job. They are there simply to watch for and identify any hazards that they notice during the process.
Once the task is completed the team must evaluate the dangers posed by each of the identified hazards. By going through the potential outcomes and gauging their severity.
Then they must confer and agree on how best to handle identified risks/danger and then implement the changes.
Finally, as with all good hazard identification systems. It is important to regularly monitor and ensure that the changes have been successfully implemented and to also check if there are any other potential risks that may have been missed.

A completed JSA form will have three sections the first is the current step in the task, the second is the identification of the hazard and the third is what to do about the identified hazards.
Once the JSA has been completed the results must be made available to all staff. The process for doing this will differ between workplaces, however the most important thing to remember is that all staff must be made aware of the changes.
Another important point is that a JSA is not suitable for all occasions, where High risk of hazards are present another more appropriate risk assessment tool should be used.

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