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Month January 2024

How Far Can The IRS Go Back On Audits: Explained And Answered

Dealing with the prospect of an IRS audit can stir up a storm of uncertainty and anxiety, with one looming question: How far back are they allowed to sift through my financial past? If you’re feeling a twinge of worry, know that you’re… Continue Reading →

Are 401k Audits Required: Understanding the Recent Changes and Requirements

Navigating the complexities of 401(k) audits can seem like an odyssey through a never-ending labyrinth of rules and regulations. I understand that feeling all too well, as I’ve navigated these same corridors, sorting through the latest updates and deciphering IRS lingo. My… Continue Reading →

How Often Are IRS Audits Conducted? Exploring The Frequency Of IRS Tax Audits

Navigating the complexities of IRS interactions can set anyone’s nerves on edge, especially when that dreaded audit notice appears in your mailbox. You’re not alone if you feel that way; it’s a common reaction that sends many scurrying for answers. That’s exactly why I’ve… Continue Reading →

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